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I help real estate enthusiasts and small business owners like you

(and myself) build, sustain, and protect generational wealth through strategic real estate investments and comprehensive tax, financial, retirement, and estate planning.



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70% of Americans are overpaying taxes.

And many Americans who owe taxes when they file are often stressed and unprepared to pay.


Don’t let that be you any longer. Take the stress out of tax season with Happy Estate Solutions. Our experienced tax advisors specialize in real estate and small business tax strategy and provide a personalized and proactive service that’s tailored to your specific situation.


Navigating the complexities of tax code can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Learn how you can save thousands on taxes with proven strategies that can help you maximize your savings as you build generational wealth all while minimizing the stress and worry that may come along with managing your money.

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There are ALWAYS opportunities in Real Estate.

Unlock hidden opportunities in the real estate market with an investor-friendly REALTOR. Embrace creative acquisition and disposition strategies to navigate successfully in any market.

Buying? When getting ready to purchase a home, a realtor can be your trusted advisor, advocate, and expert guide throughout the home buying process - ensuring you navigate the complex home buying process with confidence and ease.



Selling? The unique needs of any homeowner getting ready to sell a property requires representation from an experienced real estate professional that will guide you through the complex (and at times emotional) process with market knowledge, negotiation, and fiduciary support, so that you can focus on your next chapter.

Investing? Investing in real estate is a great way to build wealth, but it's important to have the right guidance. Not all real estate agents are created equal, what you need is an investor-friendly agent. These agents have the expertise and experience to help you make smart investments and avoid costly mistakes.

Do You Know How You're Funding Your Next Real Estate or Business Investment?

One of the biggest concerns for real estate investors and small business owners is FUNDING. With rising interest rates, inflation, tighter lending standards, and increased competition, investors and business owners are finding it more and more challenging to find funding for their next endeavor.


Savvy investors and successful business owners use OPM ("other people's money") as a flexible financing solution for their next big deals and ideas. Our extensive network ensures you find suitable lenders for your investment needs, making financing faster and more accessible.

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61% of Americans say they're more scared of running out of money than of dying.

Admittedly off-track from retirement savings goals, many Americans are spending their current time and energy trying to make ends meet, leaving no room to focus on setting up a secure financial future. 


Fortunately, there is help. Tailored to the unique needs of real estate investors and small business owners, our retirement and estate planning consultations provide you with personalized solutions to protect your family and business.


Also, benefit from specialized life insurance products designed for investors, offering features like cash value borrowing for funding your generational wealth strategy, creating the gift that keeps on giving without fear of finances running out. 

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Ready to learn more about building, sustaining, and protecting your wealth? Get started today. First, apply to become a client below. Next, schedule a free consultation. We will develop a personalized strategy for you to meet your goals. Spots are filling up, so don't miss out!

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Sherron B., MD

"I am a new investor in the area and Tracy helped me find a property that would be perfect for a short-term rental. It has been extremely lucrative so far, making me 5x the monthly payment. She also provided a free tax strategy consultation to help me save money on taxes with this new cash cow of an asset."

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Tracy Ose

Tracy is a true believer in combining real estate with tax strategy as a path to wealth. Whether looking to buy, sell, or invest, Tracy is ready to support her community with creative solutions for any home concern. 

As rewarding as investing in real estate or starting a business can be, it definitely comes with its own challenges and risks. By working with a qualified team of professionals, real estate investors and small business owners can minimize the challenges they face and maximize their chances of success.

Connect here for free resources, as well as opportunities to meet and to partner with a REALTOR, CPA, life insurance agent and financial professional that specializes in real estate and small business. Tracy's team is ready to give you the support you need to make efficient decisions for your portfolio and legacy. 

Click here to learn more about Tracy and her community in Towson, MD!



(240) 207-1308 

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